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Managing Content

Digital signage is more than a flat panel display showing full screen TV or PowerPoint. True digital signage is the ability to centrally control and schedule different content types across your entire display network from the ease of your web browser.

Upload and organize your media files


Upload your images, JPG, JPEG, BMP or GIF, videos, MPEG, MP3, WMV, AVI, MPG, and Flash files, SWF, to the HDDS Designs Display Network and easily organize them and share with other users.


Create simple Bulletin messages

Our Bulletin WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor makes it easy to create your own bulletins or modify an existing template. Create new bulletins, edit your existing ones, add images, and easily update with this tool.


Create a Play List


Mix live data, web pages, your media files, Bulletin messages, and live TV into your very own Play List and schedule each item to play based on the time, day, or date of your choosing. Target your Play Lists to specific displays or groups of displays to get your messages out to your target audience.


Proof of Play reporting


With our Proof of Play report, you can log and track your files. Run a report of your tracked files and find out exactly how many times they played, on which displays, and the total duration.  For more analysis run a detailed report and export the tracking details into XML or CSV files.