HDDS Designs

Grab Your Customer's Attention... And Keep It!

Managing Displays

Complete network visibility

Content creation and management are only a part in creating successful digital display; you also need reliable display management.


Quarterly automatic updates


Our development team never stops working. Every 3 months we post new features and functionality to HDDS Designs, and the best part is the updates are all automatically done. Every time you log in you will have access to the most updated version available.

Monitor your network

View the status of all your displays online and from anywhere. Receive email notifications if one or any of your appliances goes offline for any reason. 


Control your displays


Go green and save some too by conserving power and preserving the display life of your monitor with the ability to turn on/off your displays using the RS-232 command. (feature coming soon)


Operating System Independence


Android, Linux, Mac OS, Windows Vista, or Windows XP - it does not matter, our software works in almost any environment. (feature coming this fall - currently only XP is supported)