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Using Live Data

Headline news, Sports scores, stock quotes, and local weather are all included with your HDDS Designs Display Network subscription. Utilize this live data with your display content to keep the message interesting and updated.

Your displays should be an information destination!

Live Data

Headline news

Display the latest Reuters headline news for sports, entertainment, or top world news. View as a scroller or as a specific region in your presentation.

Sports Scores

Present current sports scores and game schedules.  You can even display gambling odds for MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA BB, and NCAA FB.

Local Weather

Show local weather and multi-day forecasts by zip code or by city code for almost any city around the world.

Stock Quotes

Display top indicies, currency rates, futures, market movers (net gainers, net losers, most active, etc).  Get it from your favorite exchange, or hand pick a watch list of local or peer group stocks. Display in a region of your display or as part of a logo ticker on the bottom.

RSS Feeds

Present your favorite Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds straight from the internet to your display.

Web Pages

Grab a certain part of a web page to show calendar events, sales metrics, or a service level chart. Have our software display that URL as part of your presentation.