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Managing Users

Unlimited user accounts

Administrators can create an unlimited amount of user accounts, each with their own specific roles. New user profiles can be created quickly and automatically are sent a notification with login information. There is no software required on the user's computer - just access it from an ordinary web browser.

Receive notification emails

Users can choose to receive automated email messages that are associated with the role(s) they have been assigned. Simple check boxes within the user profile determine whether or not the user will receive the emails such as content review notifications or display monitoring alerts.

Delegate user roles

There is no limit to the number of users that can contribute digital signage content.  Maintain quality control while still delegating content creation.  Assign content approvers so that anyone can submit content, but it only goes live after it has been approved.

Out-of-home network management

Create OOH (Out-of-Home) networks with the same content across the network, along with unique content for each location. Private Network Operators can assign roles to users in their client-accounts, this allows those users to edit a portion of a display's content. For example, some users can manage a common Play List of advertising content which is displayed across the entire network, while other users will have limited access to change only a portion of the screen or a message for their location.