Strategy & Consulting

HDDS Designs takes the time to discover your company’s goals and objectives for digital signage in order to deliver a customer experience that drives both engagement and response. Whether it is one digital sign or a scalable program with thousands of independent visual display boards, HDDS designs customizes each installation to your brand’s unique needs.

Digital Signage Technology & Software Packages

Depending on the complexity and sophistication of the digital signage that must be deployed with your enterprise for its customers, each and every software and technology package proposal is customized for each client.

Analytics & Measurement

HDDS Designs is focused on optimizing digital signage for the future and that is accomplished through a commitment to leveraging analytics and measurement systems to ensure our customers have the data they need when they need it in order to optimize the visual experience and the performance that results from a digital signage integration. Companies can understand interaction rates including signage view time, in-store dwell time, and even connect third-party inventory systems.

Content Creation & Management

Technology plays a critical role in delivering an effective digital signage solution, but the creative content that is deployed through these devices and broader visual systems is what generates interaction and influences revenue. While our customers can choose to personalize existing templates or create their own unique design, the HDDS Designs content team can also help provide an extra edge thanks to their expertise in digital signage content creation.

Digital Signage Support

The HDDS Designs team not only builds out the required technology and develops compelling visual content necessary to engage clients and customers, but our team also provides support to ensure your system is functioning at its highest level and contributing to the success of your company in a positive way.