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Securing your content

Using automated tools, we constantly monitor hacking attempts to our software. We run regular automated attacks, the same ones used by the hacking community, against our own systems. While we have detected attempted intrusions from the internet, we have never once been hacked. A key part of our security strategy involves an extremely long, proprietary key that is unique to each player installation. This key is guaranteed to be globally unique, and is of such a length that it is near impossible to guess. This key must be combined with the request and be precisely formatted to be able to perform any sort of request on the server. Even the range of possible operations that may be created is very limited.

The data center

Our servers are hosted by a global data center leader that is an enterprise-grade, tier 1 network provider with SAS-70 certification. Through their facilities, we offer multi-tenant security on shared infrastructure with a service level agreement (SLA) which includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee with quick response times. Our systems are constantly monitored, and any updates are applied at times that minimize interruption of service to our users.

Appliance security

When the appliance is used solely as a Digital Display, there is a very low risk of security breachs and or virus contamination since the machine will not be browsing or making any other user interaction. For this reason, HDDS Designs does not see an inherent need to install a Firewall or Anti Virus program on an appliance. If there is a corporate policy for security software on an appliance, there are some necessary exceptions that must be added to the firewall, proxy, or internet security program.